The GovAccelerator Program is an intense training and coaching program designed to guide small business owners from laying a foundation in the government market to accessing contracting opportunities. 


The Accelerator will utilize a proprietary capture management software to help guide and track the work completed. The Mastermind sessions will take place each week and will walk the participants through a series of classes with training on certification guidance, registration guidance, learning contracting lingo, sourcing opportunities, fostering teaming relationships, proposal writing, contract management and many other skills needed to succeed in the government contracting market. An experienced facilitator will manage the classes, hold the participants accountable to work completion and ensure the maximum result possible.  

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion, be prepared to pass a CFCP Certification, and most importantly, be ready to compete and win government contracts.


These are the goals of the Government Business Incubator Program:

  • Prepare you to win government contracts

  • Pursue small business certifications (8a, MBE, WBE, etc.)

  • Get registered as a government contractor (federal, state, local)

  • Build out government business infrastructure

  • Develop a government contracting department

  • Build financial resource capacity

  • Connections with successful companies

  • Be Prepared to pass the CFCP Certification

  • Take test and obtain CFCP Certification

  • Obtain a course completion certificate

  • Expand and grow your business as a government contractor



This program is designed to help you fast track your company for growth in the government market.


PROGRAM DETAILS (What you will get):

  • 12 months of intensive training and support

  • Proposal writer (The proposal writer will teach how to write your own proposals, write one proposal for you so you'll have a template, review your proposals during the program.)

  • Business coach: professional coach to help you stay on track through the program

  • Mastermind Sessions: meetings held each week (same time)

  • Training through complete curriculum (see details)

  • Pursue government contracts in teams

  • Meet goals stated above


Start Date: Classes are forming now

Time: TBD

Day: TBD


    Non-Member $30,000 + Includes GovFastTrack software

    Member $20,000 + Includes GovFastTrack software

    (ask about our tuition financing options)



  • Not every applicant will be accepted into this accelerated program

  • Open to all businesses with revenue of $100,000 or more

  • Must attend all sessions (must make up missed work)

  • 3 unexcused absences will result in removal from the current group and moved to a new cycle

  • NOTE: Other terms may apply. Please call for complete details.


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